Tips for a Great Wine Tasting Party

Tips on having a successful wine tasting party without breaking the bank.

Everyone likes to go out and have fun, some drinks with friends is a relaxing way to spend a night out, but it can get pretty pricey before you know it your bar tab is in the hundreds and with the economy the way it is, not many can afford a night out like this. Maybe staying in and having a wine tasting party would be better, it is a cheaper way to have a fun evening and it is an opportunity for the guests to learn a few things on different wine selections and styles, it can help them develop their palates and discover their personal likes and dislikes. But before you have one of these parties a little preparation and thought needs to be put into it first.

The first step is easy, find the wine. You can start out with sparkling wine this will get the guest ready for the good stuff and help them loosen up a bit. The point is to keep the cost down so look for something from Italy, look for a Prosecco (one that is a little sweet) a good one would be something like from La Tordera winery or maybe a Cava from Spain.) Both are light, yummy and easy on the pocket book, you can usually get this for around $12-$25 a bottle.

Now you will have to pick a theme for your party, it seems to be a lot easier to plan when you have a theme, plus it is a lot more fun. Having a theme helps to give your local wine shop a guide for wine recommendations.

Pick the pairs of wines; if you are serving different types then make sure you have plenty of food to go with them. When you buy the you wine, ask the professionals at the wine which type of food would go best with each wine, then head to a cheese shop somehow cheese just has to go with wine. It is important to have the guest not hungry when they leave the party, if you have a some baguettes, good cheeses, salami, olives and nuts for guest to munch on, you will be good.

Finally, make sure you type a wine list for your party, writing the wine name, a tasting note and the story behind each winery and then have a copy for each guest. A wine list will give everyone something to read and a little history on the wine they taste.

If writing notes is too formal for you that are fine just remember a wine tasting party is, at the very least, just a casual yet elegant way to catch up with friends. How serious and formal you make it is entirely up to you. Just have fun.


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